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Plycem Fiber Cement Exterior Trim - Reversible, Weather Resistant, and Environmentally Friendly

With the broadest line of fiber cement trim available and more than 20 years of proven performance, Plycem has demonstrated to customers that it has all the advantages of wood trim without any of its limitations. Plycem fiber cement exterior trim delivers versatility with a reversible trim that complements any siding and architecture, provides the durability of long-lasting, fire resistant fiber cement, and contains environmentally friendly recycled materials. Because it can be installed using the same tools used for wood and carries a 25-year limited warranty, Plycem has quickly become the preferred fiber cement exterior trim for many architects and construction professionals.

Plycem Fiber Cement Exterior Trim has the strength and stability that maintains attractiveness for long-term durability and value. It's easy to cut and install on construction sites. And, it provides an affordable alternative to other exterior trim products.

Corporate Responsibility

Plycem Fiber Cement Exterior Trim is manufactured by The Plycem Company in Costa Rica. As a worldwide pioneer in the production of fiber cement materials, one of the company's priorities is the development of products that minimize the undesirable effects and optimize the positive ones on people and the environment. Plycem has attained ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications.

Environmentally Friendly

Plycem Fiber Cement Exterior Trim is made from an amalgamation of post-industrial and post-consumer recycled materials that safeguard human health and the environment. Our manufacturing process utilizes principles of conservation that meet international environmental standards.


With its reversible, smooth/textured surface, Plycem Exterior Trim complements any siding product used today. Machined square edges ensure the clean look and smooth finish of high-end construction. Plycem is ideally suited for a variety of applications, including exterior corners, windows, columns and doors, adding grace and elegance to any style architecture.


Plycem Fiber Cement Exterior Trim withstands damage from impact and is termite resistant . Our temperature controlled curing and drying adheres the refined fibers and cement into tight layers that will endure years of weather exposure.


There is no need to have specialized tools at the jobsite. Plycem fiber cement is cut with the same saws and installed with the same tools traditionally used for building with wood products.


Plycem Fiber Cement Exterior Trim is available in sizes that are economical for distributors to stock and efficient for contractors to install. The assortment of available widths and thicknesses for the standard trim makes Plycem trim the right choice for a wide variety of applications . In addition, the 1" x 2" and the 1" x 3" products means less work on the jobsite and quick installation for special trim projects.

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